Child Has To Have Stomach Pumped, School Quickly Realizes What Bully Made Him Eat

Unfortunately, bullying is still an issue in today’s day and age, if anything, it’s getting worse. In a recent incident, ten year old Liu Xinze was taken to the hospital after his parents found him vomiting a black substance. Liu was hesitant to admit he had been bullied. But once he confessed he told his parents that bullies at his school forced to eat lead from a pencil. His parents then told the local police. What are parents to do about it? Here’s what some people had to say:

“I think there should be a requirement of six months of family counseling for the bully and his family to get the root of why the child feels the need to behave like this.”

“No one is born a bully. There has to be something going on with the too.”

“I think they should go one step further and have the child do some type of community service and FEEL the punishment too, not just in their parents’ wallet.”

Do you think bullying is a problem that society can address, or is it just a phase kids go through?
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