Man Dangles From Power Cables When Trying To Leave Hotel Without Paying

First, let us warn you by saying that you should definitely look away if you suffer from acrophobia (that’s fear of heights to you and us). This man is either entirely devoid of fear or is just a massive adrenaline junkie to decide on such an escape action.

A man in China tried fleeing the hotel he was in without paying the bill by escaping through a high-rise window. He didn’t just climb down or into another room; no, he latched onto power cables and began his descent towards the neighboring building across the street.

Unfortunately for the impromptu high wire walker, he appears to have underestimated how difficult that walk would be, as he’s seen struggling to keep his balance, even swinging his body over the swaying wire to anchor it.

Eventually, the height, distance and adrenaline wear him out and he gets trapped between two wires, dangling at a height estimated to be around the 19th floor, based on witness accounts.

The entire incident happened on the streets of the province of Guizhou in China. The clip was shot by one of the stunned onlookers on the street and made lightning-fast round on the Chinese social and web media.

The official China Daily points out that he was swinging quite near to a bunch of high-voltage power lines, and that it was fortunate he didn’t come into contact with one. He was eventually rescued by firefighters, and escorted away by the police. It’s unknown how big the bill was.

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