MegaWoosh – Bruno Kammerl Jumps

• What people think it is: Amateur footage of an epic waterslide jump into a tiny swimming pool
• What it really is: A German ad promoting Microsoft Office Project 2007
• Agency behind it: Elbkind
• Year created: 2009
• Views so far: 6.8 million on main YouTube clip

It was billed as the test flight of an inventor’s suit made from a “nearly frictionless” new material called Softslide, demonstrated with a heart-stopping (and, one might think, bone-breaking) 115-foot jump from a homemade water slide. But it didn’t take bloggers and skeptical viewers long to debunk the video as a crafty mix of animation and multiple shots. Still, the camerawork is believeable enough to continue getting passed around years later as the real deal.


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