Ridiculous Wheelie Turned Into Road Rash In A Flash

Info from Licensor: “One day, my homie, Colton and I set off on our daily random ride. Then, with one wheelie, his day got pretty crappy. I’m not really sure what happened, and neither is he, but it looks like he got a little jumpy when he hit balance point at 95 mph. After taking a few minutes for him to get his breath and me to get his bike out of the ditch, a lovely middle-aged couple pulled up and said, “We seen it and we called the police and ambulance for you.” and god bless em’, they screwed us. His bike was still running, some how, so he hopped on it and we took off. At this time, we are about 25 minutes (taking back roads) from my place. Apparently, at the time, I thought this was the funniest thing I had ever seen in my life, but with haste we pushed onward to my place. He was banged up and ended up driving him to the E.R. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t break or fracture a single thing. The only thing the lucky guy got was one severe case of road rash.”


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