She Lines Up Her Quadruplets On The Floor, But Keep Your Eyes On The Baby On The Left…

Being the mom of an infant is a tough job. You have to deal with crying, dirty messes, and constant care and attention. Of course, the joy and love of being a parent outweigh all the negatives – but that doesn’t mean it’s still a lot of work. If being the mom of one infant is hard, imagine what it must be like raising four at the same time.

It’s a reality the mom from this video has to face on a daily basis. Mrs. Gardner struggled with infertility for eight years and then decided for IVF. The joy she had when she found out she was pregnant was multiplied when she found out that she would be giving birth to quadruplets. She ended up with two sets of identical twin girls: Indie, Esme, Scarlett, and Evangeline.

Together, they are known as the “Gardner Quad Squad.” Their adventures are documented on YouTube for the world to see, and by watching them you can get a sense of the challenges and joys involved in raising quadruplets.

Here, the mom shows what it’s like to change the diapers of all four of her kids. It’s hard and stinky work, but the babies are very well behaved and the process becomes quite amusing to watch. It will give you a better appreciation for the work of this mom and the many like her.


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