Woman Screams At Subway Employee

“My grandchildren and I just got done throwing their toys away because my daughter’s basement flooded from the heavy rain. So to cheer up my grandkids, they said they wanted Subway. We went to ‘sandwich day’ at Subway, my granddaughter asked if she can order hers. I said yes, but she was too short to interact with the worker, so I proceeded to order. The worker asked ‘Damn! How many sandwiches?’ I said, ‘Four.’ He said, ‘Damn, I’m only one person, bitch.’ I said, ‘Who are you talking to?’ The employee then said ‘You, ignorant black.’ Then I said, ‘You couldn’t be!’ I proceeded to order my grand kids food, I asked him to stop talking to me, but he kept coming and I gave it to him on the video.”



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